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The Ehrhardt Center for Integrative Medicine

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31 South Finley Avenue
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920
Phone: 908-766-0992
Fax: 908-766-2772

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Welcome to

Basking in Nutrition

Vitamins, Supplements and Natural Food Market

with Expertise and Consultations

Available by Founder Dr. Ernest Ehrhardt, N.M.D, I.M.D. 

with more than 30 years of experience.

Prior to opening Basking in Nutrition and becoming a Doctor, nearly a decade ago, Dr. Ehrhardt was the CEO of Body Mind Nutrition, a successful Vitamin store in Somerville, NJ for over 25 years. He was also the owner of Body Mind Nutrition formerly in Union and Madison, NJ. All who know Dr. Ehrhardt, know he is extremely passionate and knowledgable about nutrition, food science, reversing diabetes and other metabolic disorders. He treats patients, even from a distance, all over the country and now internationally. 

Location:  31 South Finley Avenue

Basking Ridge, NJ 07920   Somerset County New Jersey

Order Phone: 908-766-0993  Order Fax: 908-766-2772

On-Site Store Hours generally: 10:30am - 5:30pm.  

** Please CALL before you come from a distance to confirm we are on site.  Dr. Ehrhardt speaks for various National organizations and may be traveling.  

>>  We currently welcome those who are interested in nutrition and want to help at our store location.

>> 2017: Current Opening: For starters: 3-5pm, 2 days per week, stocking inventory and inputting inventory in the computer.  Call or email us today!




 CALL US if you send an email Order, to be sure it didn't go in spam!   BaskingInNutrition@Gmail.com  **

We carry a variety of Vitamins, Supplements, Nutraceuticals Food Products, Herbal Products, Hair and Skincare including: 

Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Organic products!

Top quality brands include:  

Solgar, Kal, Source Naturals Solaray, Progressive Laboratories (PL), Nature's Plus, Nature's Way, Garden Of Life products such as the miraculous Perfect Food Raw (Green Drink), Wobenzyme, Digest Gold, Wheat Grass, Organic Green. Whey Protein, Alkazone Antioxidant Water, Barleans, various protein bars and much more!

We have groceries as well including:

Gluten Free Millet-Chia, English Muffins, Nature's Path Organic Cereals, Kay's Organic Cereals, Teas, Annies Organic Roasted Garlic Dressing,  Almond Coconut Milk, Santa Cruz Organic Lemon Juice, Ezekiel Flax Bread, Cocconut Oil, Peanut Butter, Raw Honey and more!  

Skin Care to Hair Care Products

Such as Thursday Plantation Tree Tree Oil line of products, Kiss My Face, EverClen Facial Cleanser non-comedogenic hypoallergenic fragrance free and other products.  

We also carry various Herbal Products by Quantum, Herbal Actives (like Cat's Claw), Aura Cacia like Myrrh, Rosemary Oil and  thousands of other products. - We carry nearly 5,000 products!

Just because we didn't name it, doesn't mean we don't have it!  :) We carry an extensive line and if we don't have it in stock at our store location, we will order it for you upon receipt of deposit. 

Just Saying :)   OUR 2016 TOP SELLING PRODUCT AGAIN!!  WOBENZYME by Garden Of Life

Did you take your enzymes today??


Shaping the Science of Food, to Enhance Functional Medicine, for Improved Future Human Life™.


We strive to provide complete care for our patients. Learn more about all the services we provide.

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Up To 100% Improvement In Blood Sugar

Since January 1st: Patient # 1 Blood sugar average 130- 135 Now 97.1. Patient Age 78 # 2 Blood sugar average 166 Now 90-91 Age 66. Patient # 3 Blood sugar average 220-250 Now 94-99 Age 61 Off all Blood pressure medication, cholesterol medication Off of 100% of oral glucose medication. Patient # 4 Blood sugar average 120-125 Now 82-88 age 52 no medication. Patient # 5 Blood sugar average 230-235 Now 150, 25 pound weight loss.

Our offer is to give you a medically proven reversal of your diabetes or and if you bring a friend we will give you 20-25 % off treatment and nutraceuticals (Herbs, Vitamins, Mineral, Food Supplements). 


To be talked with and given the neurological control of three systems. From the brain to the heart to your gut. These pathways must have a quiet understanding to maintain a steady state of energy without confusion. To regenerate and heal requires peace inside, outside and all around. At The Ehrhardt Center understanding your personal genius are the gifts that we have to make you aware of, and in the process, your gifts will give you, your understanding that no one can argue with! The responses and your ability to rebuild, repair and regenerate are the foundation for your functional proof of vim, vigor and complete control. To protect you functional capacity and wound healing with complete medical nutrition.

The Green Drink

Raw organic green drinks. Green leaf, green grass, wheat grass, spirulina,non GMO, alfalfa, broccoli,mixed sprouted greens. Brand names tested with great outcomes: Garden of Life, Source Natural, Green Vibrance. Balanced PH, reduced toxic levels of nitrogen, reduced blood sugar, stopped inflammation, enhanced digestion.

Reduce LDL Cholesterol

Learn how to simply reduce the bad cholesterol and decrease the total cholesterol with the use of food and water. Food, order and water. Stop hypertension and heart disease.


1-2 Large pomegranates pealed and sliced. 

Remove kernels from pith. Put into deep dish bowel. 1/2 ounce of lemon and lime juice. 3 whole kiwi sliced and diced.

Optional add 4 oz of pure pomegranate juice. 

The Energy Omelette II

3-4 whole eggs beaten. 1/2 of 1 whole red onion diced, chopped spinach 1 handful. 

Mozzarella cheese with rennet low sodium to no sodium. Dice up 2-3 oz. 

Optional: tomato sauce.

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Appointments between 8:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday - Friday

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The Ehrhardt Center for Integrative Medicine
31 South Finley Avenue
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920
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